Why you should be doing business in Spain

With a population of around 47 million, 1 million of whom are British nationals, Spain is one of the top 5 biggest markets in the European Union.

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Language & culture

Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world, with a whopping 400 million native speakers, so a successful foray into Spain could open the door to Latin and South American markets, and even to the USA, which is home to 40 million native Spanish speakers.

Spain is made up of 17 different regions, all with their own unique culture and dialect.

Regional languages are widely recognised in Spain, especially Catalan and Basque, so it’s recommended to research the local culture, as well as national.

Business in Spain

Spain is home to some large, multinational companies, such as Santander, Ferrovial, Telefónica, and Iberdrola.

What’s more, 900 British companies are already active in Spain, so doing business there isn’t too risky for UK firms.

Recently, the emphasis on technology and international collaboration is becoming crucial in Spain, as the country quickly becomes a leader in innovative solutions. If you’re considering taking your business to Spain, the infographic below may prove to be useful.


Doing business in Spain infographic

doing business in spain

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