Why do people uninstall apps?

We live in a technology-driven world, it’s all about who has the newest piece of tech with the trendiest apps on it. An astonishing number of apps are being created and uploaded onto app stores every single day.

App translation

It’s simply a fact that people will choose an app in their own language, after all – how likely would you download an app that’s entirely in Vietnamese? Or you manage to find another app that is available in your language, but it has been poorly translated and barely makes any sense. Users have often uninstalled apps that contain too many grammar and spelling mistakes. These might not seem to be that much of a big deal, but they can be very irksome for the average user.

When an app is translated into various languages, studies show it can increase download figures by up to 128%.

App user experience

If an app is difficult to use, or if you don’t understand how to use it, then it’s very unlikely that you’ll spend time trying to figure it all out, when it’s likely that there are hundreds of more apps that you could use instead. Localisation is vital for finding new customers and then retaining them.

Apps are either uninstalled within minutes or used consistently for more than a few months. So localisation is a key way to ensure that your app is being updated and targeted for all audiences.

Apps are a part of daily life now, whether we use them to communicate with our nearest and dearest, or to post a picture of your lunch for the world to see. The most successful apps are ones that come in a plethora of languages, that are easy to use, and don’t require much thought on your part. If you’re seeking to have your app take off around the world, then scrimping on localisation is certainly not an option.

Our infographic explains the various reasons why users uninstall apps, and how to avoid it:

Mobile Apps Infographic

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