What should luxury hotels offer their customers?

Overuse of the word “luxury” has almost devalued it. Today, there is luxury everything including toilet roll! However, with regard to hotels, luxury has to have a definite meaning that should be clearly communicated to today’s travel market.

Defining luxury hotels

Luxury hotels should have the “wow” factor. These hotels should offer the highest level of accommodation, services and personal service. Five star hotels come in all shapes and sizes, from large well-known brands in central locations, to small, intimate boutique hotels on far flung islands – whatever – it should be a top-to-toe luxury experience. Included in the services available should be 24 hour room service, a concierge service and a valet service. General hotel areas should be plush and the quality of rooms should indulge the traveller with beautiful furnishings, thick carpets, in-room technology, quality bed linen, robes and toiletries.

The customer journey

From the instant a traveller considers a luxury hotel to the moment they check out, their journey should be informative. That’s why it is so important hoteliers ensure their website and marketing materials are accurately localised for the countries that visit the most. Relying on a free online translation tool to do this can provide a broken language experience that may put off potential customers. There are also significant Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits to be gained in local search engines from localising your website to your travellers needs.

Repercussions of a (poorly) localised experience will resonate long after the stay has finished. Reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor often refer to the communication channels hotels adopt, meaning accurate information regarding how well staff and materials are localised for their language. It pays to add the personal, thoughtful touch that will ensure your visitors talk about your hotel and become a repeat customer.

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