Webinar recording – TAUS DQF tools for Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) has been the hot-topic of the localisation industry for some time now. Buyers of localisation know they should be maximising the use of MT in their workflows, but it can be difficult to decide how, when and where to use it. Building an MT infrastructure and deploying it as part of your workflow comes at a cost – and it can be very difficult to calculate ROI. Quite often, investing in MT can come with a leap of faith.

On 21 January 2015, our Technical Pre-Sales Manager at Capita Translation and Interpreting, Tom Shaw, was a guest speaker on a TAUS hosted webinar. TAUS is a think tank and resource centre for the global translation industry, so having the opportunity to present with this prestigious organisation was very humbling.

TAUS DQF tools

Tom’s informative webinar discussed how the TAUS DQF tools can be used to evaluate the outputs of MT from two different systems. The results of the Productivity and Quality tests can be used to help benchmark MT outputs, and can be used to help decide which engine to go with (if any), and what the associated ROI can be.

Tom works in Technical Pre-Sales for Capita TI, helping to develop bespoke operational solutions for clients, with a focus on machine translation (MT) technology. Working closely with internal MT developers on engine building, tuning and evaluation, Tom assists clients with their MT requirements, ensuring a smooth roll-out of integrated MT workflows.

For more information about TAUS, please visit: https://www.taus.net

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