The tricky side of legal translation – an anecdote from Capita TI

Translating legal matters is full of challenges, but the situation becomes even more complex when you are tasked with translating both sides of a legal case…

Capita Translation and Interpreting was recently working on a translation for one of our legal clients translating a large case file from English into German. The astute linguist working on this file raised a concern with our Project Management team when she recognised a lot of the context, details and names of those concerned in the case. It turns out that she had been working on a translation for us the previous week, which just so happened to be the opposing side of the case in question!

Our Project Management team raised the concern immediately, as this could have been seen as a conflict of interest – working on both sides of a very sensitive case. We made sure that we raised this concern with both legal clients immediately, and both firms were extremely grateful for our honesty, transparency and attention to detail.

After extensive discussions with both clients, and with the Capita legal team, we were all agreed that translations could continue, as long as completely separate Project Management teams, linguists and proof-readers were devoted to each opposing side of the case.

It just goes to show that a little honesty, integrity and a keen eye can go a long way…

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