Translation services

Professional translation and localisation services enable you to communicate accurately, with customers and stakeholders around the globe.

We provide translation services into and from over 180 languages, covering a range of content and specialist subjects, no matter the file or format of your document.

Seamless language solutions

Our translation services cover a wide variety of market sectors, services, content and end users.

Legal and Financial Translation

Legal and financial translation

What types of content can we translate?

Our translation services can be used across a range of sectors, content and files types, for both commercial businesses and public sector organisations.
Please note, we do not offer translation for personal documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, CVs, personal insurance documents or visas.


User guides & products manuals
Marketing brochures, presentations and videos
Training documents & e-Learning courseware

Public sector

Child protection judgements
Medical documents
Public leaflets & posters (NHS helplines & initiatives)

Translate your business materials


What type of translation do you need?

The type of translation that you need may vary from project to project, so we tailor our translation approach based on your individual requirements.
Below are 4 main types of translation – hover over them for more details.

Summary translation

Summary translation

Ideal for multilingual documents in the legal sector, including eDiscovery, Litigation and Due Diligence.

Localised translation

Localised translation

Standard translation process, best for general business documents & financial reports.

Machine translation

Machine translation

Advanced technology for technical subject matter, user manuals and the eDiscovery processing stage.



Best suited to adapt creative, marketing and advertising content for local cultures.


Translation technology

Our SmartMATE product suite is built on 3 fundamentals: quality, productivity and connectivity. Our technology solutions fit around you and your project requirements, minimising cost and manual input whilst maximising translation output.


Website CMS integration, file sharing and website proxy translation


Machine translation, secure portal, PDF processing


Quality checks, terminology management, client review


Find out more about our translation technology

How much do our translation services cost?

It’s difficult to say how much a translation could cost, as your requirements will vary depending on the source content, file format, source and target languages and preferred turnaround time.

Our translation technology suite SmartMATE could also help to lower costs further. The easiest way to obtain a quote is to fill in the form below, and one of our localisation experts will be in touch to discuss your project in more detail and provide an accurate price.

Which languages can we translate into?

Thanks to our worldwide network of qualified linguists, we’re able to offer translation into and from over 180 languages. Even if you request a rare language, we’ll still aim to source appropriate translators.

Proofreading services

Proofreading a translated document is essential to assure quality and forms part of our standard translation service. You obviously want to ensure that your content is free from errors before it is published on your website, distributed to customers or sent to print.

If only the makers of hit TV show ‘Homeland’ had understood the importance of proofreading before creating graffiti in Arabic.

If you’ve already had documents translated and you’re looking to get these independently checked, this is a service we are happy to offer and will ensure the proofreading linguist is fully briefed on the expectations. We can also review the text according to your business’ own styles guides, glossaries and guidelines to ensure that your translated documents fit in with your company culture and tone of voice.

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