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Despite only being the official language in only one country, Thai is spoken by approximately 60 million people.

Los Angeles, has an estimated 80,000 Thai immigrants. Thailand is particularly popular for tourism, however this newly industrialised country is also a key player in the export market.

What to consider with Thai translation

Thai is a tonal language, as is Chinese, and the grammar and syntax of Thai means that when translating from English, the text will expand by around 15%, so consider adding extra white space in your English source documents.

Vowels are represented by using symbols either above or below the word, which could mean that website localisation is vital to your business when translating into Thai, in order to accurately communicate your message.

What can we translate?

No matter what your subject matter or file type,  you will get the quality, professional translation you need, most suitable for your business and audience.

Some industry areas we cover are:

Why work with us?

We only use native, qualified translators, guaranteeing the absolute highest quality translations possible.


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