Swedish Translation Services

Some of the biggest companies in the world trust us with their Swedish translations, as our Swedish translators have the experience and specialist knowledge to handle all types of translation including:

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English to Swedish Translation

You will often find that your final Swedish translation is longer than your original English source text. That’s just the way the language is constructed and it doesn’t mean that your translator has done a bad job, rather it is proof of a non-literal translation.

There are times when space is limited, be it in a software interface or a brochure for print, and increased text length might not fit with the original design. Obviously the best solution is to design with text expansion in mind, but we know this is not always possible.

Our experienced Project Managers will be able to advise you the best way to accommodate text expansion in your DTP documents and it may be possible for the translator to keep the translation close to the source text in length, while maintaining the original context.

High-quality Swedish Translations

Our translators can provide a much more accurate translation when we know more about the context of the document. Hence, to ensure you get the very best quality translation appropriate to your business, we recommend using resources such as style guides and glossaries, to help with consistency across translations.

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