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The most widespread language in Eurasia and the 7th most spoken language in the world, Russian holds great global significance.

The official language of the Russian Federation – the world’s largest country, with a population of over 140 million people – Russian is also spoken in 30 countries including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Canada, Bulgaria and Germany. The country’s legacy has also meant that Russian is likely to be understood all the way from Serbia to Latvia.

Russian is also one of the United Nations’ 6 official languages, as well as being the language of the international space station. As such, it is a prerequisite for astronauts to learn Russian!

Things to consider with Russian translation

  • The Russian alphabet, or azbuka, is known as Cyrillic Script. We can produce translations to fit these requirements.
  • Russian grammar is also notoriously difficult to grasp for non-native speakers. However it also has a lot of diversity and flexibility.
  • In terms of format, a translation from English into Russian can expand by approximately 15%. This is due to the syntax and grammar of the language.

Why choose us

It is this local knowledge and expertise that will transform your translation into a localised text. This is why we only assign native speakers to work on our clients’ projects. We also deliver translations in the same format as your original source material, which includes most file formats, whilst applying any necessary cultural adaptations for the target market.

What our clients say

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“Although the timescales were tight, Capita TI were always willing to help and were very responsive. They contributed to making the Stopover Buddy project the success it has been!”

Read more about our work with Icelandair.

In order to meet your translation requirements, we operate a F.A.S.T. translation service:

  • Fast – Turnaround times can be tight and we know that you can’t always predict when a translation needs to be done. We can bring in additional capacity to get your translation processed in short-time frames.
  • Accurate -There’s no room for error with translation, our network of specialised linguists ensure that your message is accurately translated into the target language.
  • Secure – Security is a concern of the modern digital age, so we follow strict processes to ensure your data remains secure, throughout the translation process. Your Translation Memories also remain your own Intellectual Property.
  • Twenty-four-seven – Your offices might be located worldwide, and a translation requirement could arise at any time. Our 24/7 team supports your translation requirements across time zones.