Norwegian Translation Services

Norwegian translation services

Whether you are looking to translate from English to Norwegian, Norwegian to English, or even into other languages, we use only qualified linguists who are native speakers of the language to deliver accurate translations in a short time frame.

What to consider with Norwegian translations

There are two official variations of Norwegian, Bokmål and Nynorsk.

The dominant variant is Norwegian Bokmål which is spoken by 85% of the population. While mutually intelligible, there are distinct spelling and grammatical differences between the two variations. What’s more, local governments can choose which variant to use in schools and education and official documentation.

It may be that you need a combination of both variations when localising into Norwegian, but we are able to guide you through the process and advise on whether Bokmål or Nynorsk is more appropriate.

Our clients

Global companies and some of the most recognised brands trust us with their Norwegian translation and localisation, as our native Norwegian translators have the experience and specialist knowledge to handle all types of translation requests.

We translate Icelandair‘s website in several languages, including Norwegian. Read the case study for more information.

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Although the timescales were tight, Capita TI were always willing to help and were very responsive. They contributed to making the Stopover Buddy project the success it has been.

It is widely regarded that speakers of the main three languages in Scandinavia (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) can read and understand each other’s language without great difficulty, because they all derived from Old Norse. Despite most Norwegian people being able to understand the meaning of text written in the other Scandinavian languages, 55% of people only buy from websites where information is presented in their own language. If your content is in the legal, financial, manufacturing or pharmaceutical field, it’s even more important that your translation are accurate and in the appropriate language for the market.

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