Korean Translation Services

Whilst China and Japan may dominate the East Asian markets, South Korea’s economy has been growing at an impressive rate in previous years and in 2015, South Korea was ranked 1st in Bloomberg’s Innovation Index.

Since 2011, entering the South Korean market is relatively easy and allows access to other Asia-Pacific regions.

South Korean consumers are digital and tech-savvy and are welcoming of British culture, goods, and retail brands.

Korean translation – things to consider

Avoid using small point sizes in your English text. This is because Korean characters can be intricate and do not display clearly in small point sizes.

Native Korean Translators

With translation, a key aspect is always accuracy, so we ensure that only native linguists are used on your projects so you can be sure that your finished translations are of the highest quality and sound natural to your target market.

Our 24/7 project management team work around the clock and use the latest technologies to respond to the need for additional capacity in short-time frames.

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