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Indonesia has not just a growing population – increasing by over 4 million a year – but a connected population. The majority of Indonesian consumers are under the age of 30, tech-savvy and interested in international brands – so if you run an ecommerce business, this could be a market to expand into. As one of the MINT countries, a group of nations which were in previous years considered poor, but now offer a lot of potential in commercial markets.

Did you know Indonesia is the 2nd largest exporter of coal and 8th largest exporter of natural gas? Source: UK Trade & Investment. So if you’re in the energy industry, you may want to consider translating your documents into Indonesian. 

Indonesian translation

Descended from the Malay, which forms the basis of the language, Indonesian has over 700 dialects, including Javanese, Sudanese, Madurese and Minangkabau. If you don’t speak Indonesian, it’s fair to say you won’t speak any of these dialects either – best to leave translation to the professionals then.

Whether you’re looking for English to Indonesian or Indonesian to English, our extensive database of experienced linguists means we can translate your materials in a way that sound as if it was made for that language. We have a dedicated Linguist Relations team who regularly vet and reassess our translators to ensure the quality of their work.

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