Finnish Translation Services


Translate your content into Finnish with qualified, native speakers, with industry specific knowledge.

Finnish has 5.4 million native speakers worldwide, and is recognised as a minority language in Sweden, Norway and Karelia (Russia).

We handle various types of content including:

Translations are returned to you in the same format as your original source material and include any necessary cultural adaptations for the target market.

What to consider with Finnish translations

  • A translation into Finnish will typically expand approximately 20% when translated from English, so don’t be worried if you will often find that you final Finnish translation is longer than your original English source text.
  • There are two main varieties of Finnish – ‘standard language’ (yleiskieli) and ‘spoken language’ (puhekieli), so it’s important to know which one to use, in which situations.

The longest compound Finnish word consists of 61 letters: “Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas”, and means “airplane jet turbine engine auxiliary mechanic non-commissioned officer student”

Why choose us?

Don’t just take our word for it, hundreds of global brands trust us with their multilingual content and messaging.

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When Icelandair needed fun and engaging marketing content to be translated into several languages, including Finnish, we helped them to ensure they could reach their global customer base.

  • We operate a 24/7 team to support your and your offices around the globe
  • Your confidential data is not compromised or passed on to other parties at any stage of the translation process
  • We only use professional, qualified linguists to ensure accuracy at all times