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English translation services can often be useful for businesses looking to expand into other English speaking markets. Whilst English the 3rd most spoken language in the world, and is an official language in over 50 countries, not all English is the same.

English translation and localisation

English is spoken in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Nigeria, Belize, Ireland, Jamaica, to name just a few.

Although English speakers from different continents mostly understand one another in conversation, when it comes to written translations or website localisation, it’s important to use apt English terms and expressions for your specific target audience, in order to avoid confusing or distancing the user.

American English – do we need to localise?

Why you should be doing business in Australia

The difference between UK English and US English

If you’re exporting to multiple English-speaking countries, we can advise on the best approach and language combination. We only use professional translators whose native language is English to perform an into-English translation for you. We appreciate the subtle differences in the style of English used in different countries around the world. That’s why we’ll only use translators from the UK to translate documents for a UK audience, and from the US for documents and websites aimed at an audience in the States.

We don’t just translate from English into other languages – we can also translate your documents into English. Some of the most popular languages that we translate into English include:

English subtitling and transcription

If you’re looking to make your multimedia content available to deaf and hard of hearing users, we provide audiovisual and subtitling services in English, as well as 180 other languages.

Subtitling video content remains the most cost-effective way of reaching your entire audience, and it is ideal for training material, e-learning content and other online video content.

Seamless language solutions

Our translation services cover a wide variety of market sectors, services, content and end users.

Legal and Financial Translation

Legal and financial translation

No request is too unusual and we can work with a variety of file formats. Contact us today for more information or a tailor made quote.

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