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A West Slavic language – along with Slovak, Polish and Sorbian – Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic.

Spoken by over 10 million people within the Czech Republic, it is also spoken by almost 1 million people in Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Austria and even North America.

It also forms one of 23 official languages currently spoken within the European Union.

The Czech language is split into four main dialects within the Czech Republic, categorised by geographic location.  The most used dialect among these is ‘Common Czech’ which is mainly used in Bohemia. Czech is also very similar to Slovak, meaning the two languages are intelligible by both countries.

Unlike most other Slavic languages, Czech uses a Latin alphabet instead of Cyrillic script.

Things to bear in mind with Czech translation

In Czech, the word order within sentences can change depending on the meaning that is trying to be conveyed. This can cause problems when translating Czech from or into another language as the original intent can often get lost. For reasons like this, we only assign native speaking translators to our clients’ projects.

A translation into Czech will typically expand by approximately 15% when translated from English, due to the syntax and grammar of the language. Therefore, we recommend you allow sufficient white space in the design of your English source documents (especially tables) to allow for Czech text expansion.

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