Chinese Translation Services

It is very important that translated content employs the language customs and styles of the target audience. It is vital that your content is accurately localised by professional linguists, who are native speakers and possess a full understanding of the culture, tone and style of your target market.

What to consider with Chinese translation

Chinese translation is not as simple as it may seem, as the language can take on many forms and dialects. But not to worry, you’re in capable hands.

Target Market Type of Written Chinese Required
Mainland China and Singapore Simplified Chinese
Taiwan and Hong Kong Traditional Chinese

Traditional Chinese translations should be a strong consideration for businesses operating within the hi-tech industry, and Simplified Chinese should be applied for companies within the energy and manufacturing sectors.

Language is a living thing – it develops and changes constantly. To ensure our linguists keep abreast of the language, our translators are native Chinese speakers, with experience in different industry sectors so that you can be sure you are receiving high quality every time.

Seamless language solutions

Our translation services cover a wide variety of market sectors, services, content and end users.

Legal and Financial Translation

Legal and financial translation

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