Let’s talk about…the translation ecosystem

Translation management is much more than just the system you use, it’s all about people, assets and technology.

Our translation ecosystem offers you an easy to use interface, making the translation process quick, easy and efficient. Service excellence in translation management is an art, and at Capita TI we believe this can be achieved by nurturing your language assets, using our most talented people, and developing the best technology solutions for you.

People – We make sure we connect our account managers, project managers and language teams with your various stakeholders. We believe engagement is driven by those who firmly believe themselves to be part of a common goal. Together we work to set goals, discuss performance and share a vision.

Assets – We work closely with you to ensure that all language elements of our service are synchronised, both within Capita and between your different stakeholders. We ensure that assets such as terminology, references, style guides and reviewer feedback are always in continuous evolution.

Technology – Our home-grown technology suite, SmartMATE, focuses on improving the quality of our translations, the productivity of our teams and our clients, and connectivity between your systems and our own.

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