6th Nov 2015

ATC Annual Conference 2015

4th Nov 2015

How can companies boost employee engagement?

28th Oct 2015

“A bheil Gàdhlig agat?” Scottish but don’t have a clue about Scottish Gaelic?

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Polish idioms

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The Need for Multilingual SEO and the Role of the Translator

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Comparing apples to apples – differences in professional translation approaches

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30th Sep 2015

Meet our new starter – Rodrigo

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5 Considerations For Your Multilingual Website Strategy

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Localisation is here to stay, and getting even more local

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5 differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese

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Localisation in the chemical industry

28th Aug 2015

6 key findings from the European Patent Annual Report

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The ABC of copywriting in local languages

2nd Apr 2015

A tiered approach to quality, time and cost

24th Mar 2015

A beginner’s guide to the Language Services industry

6th Mar 2015

Business Travel Show

26th Feb 2015

4 steps to creating a multilingual video