Supporting your global expansion through translation

As the world evolves we continuously see new products being launched, ground-breaking technology making its way into the market place and a steady flourish of new words appearing on the world wide web – I find it hard to keep up, so how do we expect our linguists to?

Qualified, experienced linguists

We select our linguists on their level of expertise and knowledge within a specific industry, but if you want your translated content to be a true representation of your organisation which adopts the style and tone that you have spent so long to establish in the marketplace, we need as much information as we can get.

A localisation partner

To some I think that it might seem a little disingenuous when we say that Capita TI wants to be a true localisation partner to you, but in fact, I don’t think that phrase could be truer and here is why:

We are an addition to your branding team, technical team, legal team, marketing team and so on and so forth – we make it our mission to understand what you do, who will be viewing your documents and how we can make the foreign language content a replica of the English; this is a tough skill in itself, but then we need to take into consideration cultural sensitivities, local nuances and the transcreation of content when a clunky word for word translation might not be suitable.

 How do we do this?

We work closely with you to ensure a thorough project set up, we obtain reference material that will provide additional context for the linguists and this material also helps us to refine our search for the most suitable linguists.

We complete style guides to understand:

We create glossaries which include the most frequently used terms in the most common language pairs. Glossaries help to ensure that the linguist is using the same terminology that is used by your organisation, improving the overall quality and consistency of the translated content, while maintaining your brand’s tone of voice in another language.

Translation is extremely subjective and it is important to know what exactly you want, before starting the project, in order to reduce costs and increase productivity. It is only when we work together that we see true results and a high quality output is delivered; my mantra is “project set up is key” and so far… so good.


Alicia is an Account Manager for the Manufacturing and Engineering industries. Outside of work she enjoys the outdoors, running, biking and walking but when she has to stay inside you can find her in the kitchen cooking up a feast or planning her next adventure.

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