SmartMATE Quality checker

Translation quality complaints at Capita are taken very seriously, and over the years, we have been able to identify trends and patterns as to what constitutes bad quality.

Often, these complaints arise due to inconsistencies in the source text itself, so it’s important to identify any issues with source files before the translation process even starts.

Here at Capita we have developed a tool – our SmartMATE Quality Checker – that can do exactly that; measure the quality of source files quickly and easily. This tool is designed to make sure that we have the files we need to start a project and that those files are free of errors that may delay or complicate the project.

Once the files have been analysed a report is then produced which summarises any areas that may need addressing, such as spelling mistakes, line breaks or unmatched brackets. By highlighting any areas for improvement on the text prior to the start of a project, we’re able to produce a better quality translation, with fewer complications.

The report is then colour coded according to the category of error, which enables us to recommend pre-emptive measures and schedule additional tasks. Files may need to be looked at by our file engineers, our Project Managers, or even be looked at by the client again.

We want to work with the best quality material in order to deliver the best quality result.

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