SmartMATE Productivity

Why should translation management be cumbersome? By optimising and automating key stages in the translation workflow, we can deliver a faster and more efficient process.

Whether it’s automating the initiation of a project, assigning jobs to linguists, or generating reports – automation saves time and money – meaning you can focus on your core tasks and proving ROI.


Secure customer portal

To ensure you are connected to us at all times, our customer portal allows you to order and track jobs, download translations, set up user roles and permissions, and access your files and data, including your translation memories and terminology. This is available to use at any time, and is completely secure, ensuring your data is available 24 hours a day, but to only those who need it.

Secure customer portal


Machine Translation

Customised Machine Translation engines, built using your specific data, can simply be integrated into your standard localisation process as a means of enhancing productivity – whether that be in our translation ecosystem or your external systems.



Automated linguist assignment

When quality is key, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Smart Sourcing is a tool which ensures the best possible linguists are assigned to your translation jobs.

Automated linguist assignment


Technology assisted translation

By integrating technology into the translation workflow, productivity gains can be made. Technology will never take the place of a human linguist, but technology can certainly help the linguist to be faster and more efficient, meaning higher volumes of work can be translated in shorter time frames.

Linguistic assets can be managed with tools such as Translation Memory (TM), which helps you to lower translation costs over time as you require a more regular translation services. Such tools store previously translated content, meaning the linguist can focus their efforts on new content, and simply check previous content for context matches.

Language assets


PDF processing

We are able to evaluate and convert PDF documents into translatable files, addressing any possible issues with the source content. This improves the quality of the translations as well as the level of leverage obtained when applying translation memory (TM) or machine translation to the process. Read more about SmartMATE PDF Processing.

SmartMATE PDF Processing

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