SmartMATE PDF Processing

Thanks to our PDF Processing tool, we can now evaluate and convert PDF documents into translatable files, addressing any possible issues with the source content.

This improves the quality of the translations as well as the level of leverage obtained when applying translation memory (TM) or machine translation (MT) to the process.


We are able to process more PDF documents, whether electronically saved or OCR’d, through our translation tools. Increased TM leverage means:
cost savingsLower translation costs
reduced timeFaster turnaround time
qualityIncreased control on quality
eliminate copy pasteAbility to identify the most efficient workflow for a particular file

How is this achieved?

The tool assesses the PDF and produces a report

Select documents / pages for OCR

Leverage through translation tool

Translate, validate and format the PDF content

Final file delivered to client

The PDF assessment report will display as below:

PDF processing

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