SmartMATE Machine Translation

A completely secure translation technology that accelerates turn-around times, reduces cost and ensures data security at all times.

Advanced machine translation, housed securely and maintained by professional language service providers, is changing the face of translation – large amounts of content can be translated quickly, at a reduced cost, whilst still maintaining the quality of the final content. We build and maintain secure translation engines and linguistic assets, using your specific data.

SmartMATE MT is a completely secure translation solution that not only accelerates turn-around times, but also ensures no leakage or loss of your data. We can fully manage this solution in a secure IL3 Capita certified datacentre, or you can keep full control at your site through an on-premise installation.


ProductivityImproved productivity – more content can be translated within a smaller time frame. What’s more, content that previously wasn’t translated can be processed using MT.
Lower costsLower translation costs – effective deployment of these tools can see translation costs and turn-around times reduced by up to 30%, without any sacrifice in quality.


Reduced timeReduced time to market – automating part of the translation process and reducing the human involvement inevitably saves time.
SecureSecure environment – translating your files using free translation tools is a security risk, our secure ecosystem guarantees that your data remains protected throughout the translation process.

How does it work?

Files are run through the machine translation engine. The engine then checks the input and, based on the statistical models and AI, it produces an automated output.

The automatically generated translation is populated in the target files. A professional translator can check and amend the output, where required.

The translated document is delivered to the client. The machine translation engine is updated with newly translated terms.

What type of content is best for MT?

Technical subject matter

User manuals

Manufacturing related material

eDiscovery processing stage

Multilingual document reviews


Case study

Find out more about how one of our manufacturing clients saves 30% on their translation spend with us by using industry focused SmartMATE MT

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