SmartMATE Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) is not to be used in every situation, but when applied correctly, it can be a really useful tool.

SmartMATE MT is a completely secure translation solution that not only accelerates turn-around times, but also ensures no leakage or loss of your data. We can fully manage this solution in a secure IL3 Capita certified datacentre, or you can keep full control at your site through an on-premise installation.

Industry focused machine translation

Customised MT engines, built using your specific data, can simply be integrated into your standard localisation process as a means of enhancing productivity – whether that be in our Translation Management System (TMS) or your external systems.

Capita TI’s professional linguists provide post-editing of content that has been machine-translated, delivering the same linguistic quality as a human translation, for significantly lower time and cost. The more you use SmartMATE MT, the more benefits will be gained, as the intelligent machine is capable of learning, memorising and adapting to both old and new content.


qualityImproved localisation productivity
cost savingsLower translation costs
reduced timeReduced time to market
eliminate copy pasteReal-time translations
peopleSecure environment

How does it work?

Your files are run through the machine translation engine. The engine searches for pre-translated terms.

Pre-translated terms are populated in the target files. A human linguist checks and amends the machine translated files

The translated document is delivered to the client. The machine translation engine is updated with newly translated terms


Case study

Find out more about how one of our manufacturing clients saves 30% on their translation spend with us by using industry focused SmartMATE MT

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Machine translation: What, Why, When & How?

SmartMATE MT services

As part of our MT solution, we offer a range of associated services including:

MT evaluation – we’ll help you decide whether MT is right for you, and which business challenges can be solved using this technology.

Corpus acquisition – we’ll collect, prepare, clean and normalise terminology that is right for your business.

Quality evaluation – we assess how to get the most out of your MT engines, and regularly report our findings.

Translation Memory – Linguistic assets can be managed with tools such as Translation Memory (TM), which helps you to lower translation costs over time as you require a more regular translation services. Such tools store previously translated content, meaning the linguist can focus their efforts on new content, and simply check previous content for context matches. By integrating this with Machine Translation, productivity gains can be massive, as higher volumes of work can be translated in shorter time frames. Read more on Terminology management

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