SmartMATE Cross Connect

SmartMATE Cross Connect is a connector which links the Across translation management system (TMS) with Capita’s secure machine translation (MT) solution, SmartMATE MT. SmartMATE MT is much more than a standard MT solution; it allows Across users to gain access to manufacturing domain specific engines, as well as the capacity to build, manage and train your own engines.

across intregrated

Integrated with Cross Connect (Across file-transferring platform)

RESTful API connectivity

MT can be applied at Pre-translation stage

Website proxy

Secure filed transferring

Machine translation integration

Manufacturing engines

Mail to translate

Customisable MT engines and managed service

Your specific SmartMATE engines are set up within a secure Capita environment and accessed by Across through the crossConnect for External Editing module.

How does this connector work?

Translation projects are created in Across in the usual way

Translation Memory matches are applied

Project XLIFF files are packaged, encrypted and sent to the SmartMATE service

The packages are decrypted and sent to private SmartMATE engines for translation

The translated packages are encrypted and sent back to the Across system

What software specs do you need?

In order to run the SmartMATE crossConnect software successfully, you will need to install it on a machine with the following specifications:

This machine will also need the following software packages installed:

Download SmartMATE Cross Connect

In order to download the software to start your 30 day free trial, please complete the following short form.

Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll be directed to a page to download the plugin. Please ensure that you have the correct requirements and have read the user guide and installation guide.

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