SmartMATE Connectivity

Making sure all systems talk to each other is crucial for a seamless translation management process.

Whether we need to integrate with your content management system, connect your systems to our machine translation solutions, or enable you to kick-start a translation job with a single email – our aim is to make the process as smooth and pain-free for our customers as possible.

We are also compliant with level 1 of the COTI standards – we offer a standardised package that can be exported from a content system, localised in a CAT tool and then imported back into the content system.


CMS integration

Manage your multilingual website in the click of a button. Gone are the days of exporting content from your CMS, uploading and downloading files, waiting for translation, and then pasting the translations back into your CMS. Our SmartMATE CMS integration connects your website to our translations ecosystem, making website translation quick, easy, secure & more cost-efficient.

We have pre-built connectors for certain commercial systems, including WordPress, Magento and Drupal, and can provide full access to our APIs to connect to other systems, including Adobe Experience Manager, Microsoft SharePoint, Episerver, Sitecore, Umbraco and Ektron.


RESTful API connectivity

Don’t worry if your CMS isn’t listed here, we’re always developing new connectors, and our SmartMATE WorkFlow API tool allows us to connect to custom-built content management systems.

SmartMATE WorkFlow API


Website proxy

If your website isn’t set up to handle multiple languages and you don’t have much IT support at hand; our website translation proxy could be for you. This would be the easiest way to quickly set up localised versions of your website.

Website translation proxy


Machine translation integration

Machine translation (MT) workflows can be easily configured in our translation ecosystem to improve productivity for certain projects. We can also build, manage and train your engines as part of this process, meaning you can benefit from greater time and cost savings. In addition to this, we also have ready to use MT connectors available for leading translation systems such as Trados Studio, Across Systems and XTM.

SmartMATE Machine Translation

Use SmartMATE Cross Connect to access to Capita’s secure machine translation solution tool via Across’ translation management system.

SmartMATE Cross Connect

Integration of SmartMATE Machine Translation with IBM’s Globalization Pipeline helps developers focus on core development activities, avoiding the other timely and resource-intensive tasks that are traditionally associated with software localisation.

SmartMATE IBM Globalization


File sharing

Setting up numerous project requests and sending documents for translation can be a laborious task. We have developed a few different file sharing tools to help you to send and upload files for translation, ensuring your job is made as easy as possible, whilst maintaining full compliance and security standards.

SmartMATE File Sharing

Integrate your website with our translation ecosystem

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