SmartMATE WordPress Connect

Capita TI has partnered with WPML to make website translation projects easier to manage, faster and more cost efficient, through the use of language technology.

Capita’s SmartMATE connector integrates perfectly via WPML with WordPress to enable a much easier website localisation process by connecting the WordPress Content Management System with Capita’s Translation Management System.

As WordPress welcomes 50,000 new websites every day, and powers 26% of the web, it’s essential this CMS is flawlessly configured to handle multilingual content, and this is where Capita TI fits in.

Launch offer

In order to get you started on your localisation journey, Capita TI will pay for your yearly WPML subscription to ‘Multilingual CMS’ for WordPress, worth $79. You must be working with Capita TI and spend over £10,000 on your first website project.


send pages to smartmate wordpress connectQuickly send pages, custom fields, strings and other resources for translation without the need for copy/paste.

Track translation through WPML dashboardTrack translation progress through the WPML dashboard within WordPress and automatically retrieve translations.

benefit from advanced translation memoryBenefit from advanced Translation Memory (TM) technology to maximise re-use of translation content.

How it works & getting started


Multilingual websites, powered through the WPML plugin, can be seamlessly integrated with Capita’s TMS, providing a truly global platform.

smartmate wordpress connect

  1. Get set up with the WPML plugin and retrieve your secure credentials from Capita
  2. Configure the plugin to your account in WordPress
  3. Select individual pages, or multiple pages and assign to Capita
  4. Receive quotation through your Capita portal and track within the dashboard in WordPress
  5. Automatically retrieve translations directly in WordPress and review before publishing


What are the benefits?


  • Seamless system integration
  • Quick and secure set-up process
  • Eliminate manual copy/paste tasks
  • Full user control and visibility over translation projects

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