SmartMATE release features – Spring 2019

We’ve released some new features to our SmartMATE Dashboard, improving the connectivity, productivity and quality of the translation process.

1. Messaging centre Mail 2 - SmartMATE release features - Spring 2019

We know it’s important to keep you updated, so we’ve created a new messaging centre, which displays important information and alerts users to changes or new updates to the system. You will get new information when you log in and then continue with your regular tasks.

2. Guest ordering eCommerce buy - SmartMATE release features - Spring 2019

For those organisations that have a small team of core users but a large pool of users who may place translation requests on an ad-hoc basis, we understand that full account registration might not be the right approach, so we’ve developed a guest ordering option.

For example, NHS trusts have a large demand for language services, but the individual requestor can vary. With the guest ordering option, NHS staff can log in securely using their company email address and select their local trust, making the process quick and easy, but maintaining a secure environment.

3. Increased connectivity Cloud - SmartMATE release features - Spring 2019

We’ve partnered with Xillio, unlocking access to multiple system integrations, making translation even quicker, more secure and easier for our customers.

We can now connect to many more content management systems, e-commerce platforms, document management systems, customer service platforms, file collaboration software tools and source code repositories.

Find out more about Xillio & connectivity

4. Custom glossaries – machine translation Translation glossary - SmartMATE release features - Spring 2019

When you’re venturing into new markets or trying to communicate with stakeholders in different languages, it’s important that your brand identity is maintained and upheld, no matter the language. Our new feature only allows for custom glossaries to be used during the machine translation workflow, meaning that your translated content is bespoke and personalised to you.

Find out more about translation glossaries

5. Language detection – machine translation eDiscovery processing

Our new language detection feature scans a document to check that the language in the document matches the one selected for machine translation. If a bilingual file is selected and uploaded, the system will check that the languages specified in the document match those selected for machine translation.

This is performed at the beginning of the translation process and ensures that any issues around the source language are addressed before translation, reducing the time to market.

Find out more about machine translation

6. Customisable user profiles Interpreter - SmartMATE release features - Spring 2019

A lot of our customers have teams, or multiple people involved in their translation strategy, so we understand that you’d want to tailor user profiles based on their role. With our new feature, we’re now able to personalise what information your users see and what actions they can perform when they log into the SmartMATE Dashboard, for example, you might want financial views to only be available to the Finance team, or you might want the ‘quotation accept’ feature to only be available to senior manager or team leads.

Login to the SmartMATE Dashboard

For more information on the SmartMATE Dashboard, or to set up an account, complete the contact form below and our team will be in touch.


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