SmartMATE Language Technology for the Procurement of Language Services

Introducing SmartMATE Language Technology for Procurement.

As a procurement lead, you’ve got a lot to manage across multiple services and suppliers. If Language Services is one of your many responsibilities, we can help to remove the headache that can be procurement of language services. We are here to help, offering our services as an extension of your team.

As experts in our sector, we will ensure that you obtain the highest quality language service as efficiently as possible whilst providing full control and visibility of spend.​

Learn how our SmartMATE dashboard can help you with simple, secure and centralised management of language services across your organisation.

SmartMATE’s key benefits for procurement teams include:

Full of valuable features, the SmartMATE dashboard will provide you and your stakeholders with everything required to make informed decisions in one environment.
Secure. Simple. Intuitive. Organised.

SmartMATE for Procurement Dashboard


SmartMATE was developed with corporate procurement in mind, designed to support centralised purchasing of language services.

Here are some of our top features for procurement teams:

Personalised instant quote

Plan your translation budget and control your spend using this quick and easy tool. Ordering is simple, secure and personalised from the first use.
SmartMATE applies agreed rates, translation memories, turnaround times and specific SLAs when your stakeholders use the “Instant Quote” feature.​
It is:

SmartMATE Personlaised Instant Quote


Real time project tracking

SmartMATE’s Track feature can be defined at a “super user” level. Allowing your procurement team to have visibility of ALL translation requests from across your organisation, who the stakeholders are, the PO’s they are using and the values. ​This is a great tool to track spend, offering a quick at-a-glance view into your organisations’ spend activity and trends in real-time; it allows you to:

SmartMATE Project Tracking


Personalised reports

SmartMATE integrates Microsoft PowerBI reports. Our team will work with you to customise views of over 150 data sets captured during the service provision – from quality to stakeholder feedback, to delivery times or cost.​ SmartMATE Report allows users to gain valuable, on-demand insight into translation projects, trends and budgets; key features allow you to: ​

SmartMATE Personalised Reports


For more information, please get in touch using the form below – our language specialists are available to provide a full product demo’.

Discover more about Procuring Language Services in our White Paper

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