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Service Excellence and Capita TI’s Customer Handbook.

Enterprises that want to enter new markets and maintain their position must look for ways to convince their clientele that the products and services they offer will meet or exceed their customer’s expectations.

It is therefore paramount to work with a language service provider (LSP) to help you embed a market leading level of service in each of your global territories. Practically everything that happens with our customers project portfolio depends on the “service excellence” we provide.

The overwhelming majority of Language Service Providers focus solely on technological and commercial advantages. For those companies, customer service often takes a back seat, as it does not bring measurable ROI. The consequence of this is that instead of building brand loyalty and credibility, people will switch between brands and often avoid signing a contract.

Today, the measure of a company’s true success is not only high profit, but who and what builds it.


Our goal is building long-term relationships with the customer. Researching, learning, collecting and utilizing information on our customer’s needs. Which brings us to the concept of Capita TI’s Customer Handbook and the value we place on service excellence.

The Customer Handbook is an ever-evolving internal resource. It ensures that our staff members are fully educated on the requirements of your organisation and brand, becoming an extension of your team. Your Handbook will be comprehensive and contain specific procedures that cover all areas of the partnership, from contract agreement to bespoke expectations and internal processes applied.

The Customer Handbook is constructed during a tailored onboarding process.
It contains in-depth details relating to every aspect of our relationship which illustrates our investment in cementing a long-lasting partnership.

As part of your translation ecosystem, the Customer Handbook supports and boosts cross-departmental collaboration. This reflects a healthy internal culture, helping Capita TI colleagues to understand each other’s roles and specific functions in your localisation program delivery. The Handbook establishes a framework, ways of conducting all activities, handling specific content, file types and processes linked to your exact needs. The Handbook ensures that you get your questions answered, problems solved, and your concerns addressed — by the first Capita TI person you talk to, your dedicated Account or Project Manager.

The Customer Handbook: The foundation of your localisation program

Handbook ensures accountability
Ensures employee accountability, safeguarding compliance
Handbook department cooperation
Stimulates cross-department cooperation improving Speed / Knowledge / Availability
Handbook guarantees care
Guarantees Authenticity / Immediacy / Care

We view our Customer Handbooks as a wide-ranging foundation of your localisation program. The Handbooks address and protect the health of your, Capita TI managed, intellectual property and pre-sets an optimal approach to managing your linguistic assets, from enforcing usage of tools that will help to keep terminology consistent, up-to-date and on-brand, to choosing the best Translation Memory maintenance methodology. It will also help to support continuous improvement, faster turnaround times, ROI and increased consistency. Perhaps most importantly, it will ensure that your brand name is protected in any language.

For Capita TI, business continuity is key.


As in any corporation, people come and go, and responsibilities change with demand. Whether your point of contact at Capita TI has been working with you for years, or they are a new addition to the team – your dedicated Project/Account Managers will master a variety of skills to maintain an excellent standard of service under all circumstances.

As the Customer Handbook evolves alongside your translation program, it allows us to leverage previous experience.

The Handbook protects us from knowledge loss and provides a roadmap for timely issue resolution – allowing for the required focus on the task in hand.

A well-managed Customer Handbook guarantees business continuity but also allows Capita TI to respond to workload peaks, helping us to scale up operations rapidly and with ease. It brings assurance that your expectations will be well defined and stored, you will not need to explain the same things twice and finally your important instructions, no matter the circumstances, will always be followed.

Each Customer Handbook is:

Ever evolving handbook
Live, ever-evolving and constantly reviewed and updated with your specific procedures
Integral Customer Handbook
An integral part of the Operational Team induction and training initiatives
Handbook guarantees readiness
On hand to guarantee readiness for growth

Creation, maintenance and usage of a Customer Handbook supports our internal philosophy and we believe that the lifetime value of a client is much greater than its initial transactional worth; it also helps us to manage micro and macro well.

It allows us to not only focus on the day to day management of our customer’s projects but also the experience that they will have with our business over the lifetime of the partnership.


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As Business Growth Operations Manager with 10 years’ experience in the localization industry, Chris works with larger, corporate businesses looking for a strategic language service partner.


The Marketing Content Manager, Katie is a marketeer with over 18 years’ experience within Media, Digital and B2B marketing.

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