RETAIL SPRING FAIR 2015 – “First time localisation buyers”

After a week of exciting conversations and promising new contacts, Lina Baker, Head of Localisation Solutions in the Marketing, Retail and Travel sectors shares her experience and thoughts on how businesses should prepare to expand internationally.

Having just recovered from a very busy week at the Retail Spring Fair 2015, it is time to reflect on my experience at the exhibition, and follow up on what seemed to be a very popular request – how can I introduce my business to new markets?

Firstly, a few brief words about what the Retail Spring Fair event actually is. With around 2,500 exhibitors coming together from all over the world in order to showcase an outstanding array of new products from across 13 different sectors, it truly is an event to be a part of!  It is renowned for acting as a “match-maker” between retailers, manufacturers, distributors, marketing agencies, service providers, enthusiasts and even celebrity entrepreneurs.

Companies of various sizes come to this event to seek new ideas and inspiration, learn about industry innovations and trends and introduce their products to new markets.

Having spent the majority of my time at the event advising businesses on where to begin when embarking on a localisation journey, I am delighted to learn that more and more national businesses are realising the importance of a well thought out strategy. There has definitely been an increase in “first time language service buyers” compared to previous exhibitions over the last few years!

The most common worry localisation beginners voiced was that due to lack of knowledge in the processes involving localisation, this journey becomes a daunting experience that they would associate with an expensive cheque. My main piece of advice would be; learn about localisation through speaking to the experts –we are here to consult with you prior to any commitment.

If you have decided to introduce your business to international markets and don’t know where to begin, remember the wisdom of the proverb “learn to walk before you can run”. At Capita TI, we understand your concerns and the fears of the unknown so let us talk you through the best options, starting with small steps such as how we can help to increase your website traffic coming from other countries.

Meet and greet your new customer in the language they speak by localising your home page. Of course, there is no better way for a retailer to achieve success than through great footfall, which can be driven to your website through the magic of multilingual SEO. To ensure incoming traffic also brings conversion, let’s discuss the next localisation strategy steps (website localisation).

Have you ever thought of a short video message you’d like to share with your customers? Why not be heard in their languages through voiceover or subtitling? What about increasing the confidence of your customer by trading in the currency that is local / preferred to them (retail translation services)? Most importantly, if you are looking for your customers’ loyalty and repeat business – make sure the aftercare is as great as your “meet and greet” and in the language they speak.

If you are still unsure whether localisation is the right path for you, why not read a few success stories on how we have helped our customers increase their traffic and sales in international markets in as little time as 3 months!

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