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28th Jun 2016

Esperanto – a romantic vision or a genuine reality?

27th Jun 2016

Meet the team – Rufus

24th Jun 2016

Which Project Management type works best for translation?

23rd Jun 2016

How useful is Russian?

22nd Jun 2016

The growing importance of learning Spanish

14th Jun 2016

On-premise vs Remote Software Localisation: which model works best for you?

13th Jun 2016

Capita Translation and Interpreting announces 2nd year of sponsorship of Translators without Borders

11th Jun 2016

Is the European Union good for business?

8th Jun 2016

LocWorld: Capita TI present with EA Games on creating a unique player experience

7th Jun 2016

LocWorld: Capita TI and Across Systems present SmartMATE crossConnect

6th Jun 2016

Everything you need to know about Translation Memory

2nd Jun 2016

Innovate, Improve, Comply – sharing the service message

1st Jun 2016

What a translation is – and what it isn’t

31st May 2016

Meet the team – Lucy

27th May 2016

Papua New Guinea- Land of Languages

26th May 2016

Meet our team – Sally

23rd May 2016

Simplified Technical English & Machine Translation

23rd May 2016

5 tips to reduce e-Learning translation costs