Remote working & a flexible future

With lockdown restrictions being lifted here in the UK, we’re taking a step back to reflect on the last 18 months, and in particular, the change for many of us in our working environment.

It’s fair to say that, as a business, we were in great shape to quickly make the transition from office to home working. But what about the human impact? We spoke to some members of our team here at Capita TI and they shared with us what their experience has been like.

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Smooth transition

While the business was already set up to operate on a remote structure, there were plenty of us here at Capita TI, who didn’t have a dedicated workspace set up at home. Some of the adjustments came in the form of suddenly having to accommodate not just one, but two adults working from home full time. Some of the team had interesting ways of agreeing who works where…Rock, Paper Scissors anyone? Seems as good a way as any, Lydia!

All in it together

All in all, it was a smooth transition for most of us. This adjustment was helped by the business being quick to adapt how we worked too. Teams meetings soon became the norm’ for work purposes, and, importantly, for social purposes too. We were all in this together and having the opportunity to chat, all be it remotely, helped everyone get used to ‘the new normal’ and to check in on each other.

“Hands down, the best benefit has been spending more time with my dog, Xena!” Lydia

In terms of the best benefit of remote working, the positive shift in work/life balance was unanimous amongst everyone we’ve talked to. The removal of the commute and all it’s associated stresses, plus gaining that all-important time with family (both human and animal!) featured high on our list of positive outcomes. It seems too, that sometimes, the absence of office distractions can give us the opportunity really focusing on the task at hand.

That said – we all want to see our colleagues in person again!

The team also agreed on what they had found toughest – missing that face-to-face interaction. For all the benefits of being at home, the lack of socialising and real time with people has been the hardest challenge for us all.

Back to the office?

After 18 months of Covid-19 overturning the very notion of the ‘workplace’, one positive outcome that the pandemic has handed many of us is flexible working. For numerous businesses, including Capita TI, flexibility and choice regarding where we work, will remain.
Whilst offices are gradually re-opening, it’s unlikely that we will all flood back to the office full time. However, there is certainly an acceptance that Teams meetings will never be a like-for-like replacement for human contact.
I know many of us will welcome the opportunity to visit our offices and re-immerse ourselves in office comradery from time to time.



The Marketing Content Manager, Katie is a marketeer with over 18 years’ experience within Media, Digital and B2B marketing.

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