Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting on the year

Antonio Tejada


Looking back and reflecting on the year will be so different in 2020. This is a period in time that we will be reflecting on for generations to come, and it will surely shape us as individuals and businesses in the future.

Capita Translation and Interpreting entered 2020 with some clear goals to drive further technological improvements to the provision of language services, bring focus to our value proposition, strengthen our relationships with our customers and drive a people agenda based on flexibility.

Who knew that managing the impact of a global pandemic will be soon added to our work agenda of the year?

I am honoured and very proud of having worked together with our customers, employees and partners to have both continued driving our strategic vision, and equally, responded to the challenges of the pandemic. We have managed to both respond to COVID-19 and over achieve in the goals that we set ourselves as we started 2020.

Join us as we look back at the progress that we are proud of and thankful for achieving in 2020.

Antonio Tejada
Managing Director


Using technology to drive our services & improve customer experience in 2020


SmartMATE logo


Within SmartMATE, we launched great new features to help both internal processes and user experience:

During 2020, the use of SmartMATE has grown by 30% and 35% of our projects are reaching us using integrations with our APIs

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Remote interpreting has been part of the global response to COVID, as we were challenged with social distancing and our technology has been at the forefront of this radical change.

We increased our remote interpreting professional workforce by 60% in 2020, including capabilities for specialised Video interpreting services for Police and healthcare.

Remote simultaneous interpreting was launched in May to support our customers needing interpreting services using collaboration tools like Zoom or Teams.

During 2020, LiveLINK usage has increased by 70%, handling more than 27,000 calls per month.


Strengthening our relationship with our customers

We have worked with our customers to support the changing demands, as COVID impacted their requirements:

Thanks to our customers, we will be reporting a very strong financial performance in 2020 and we have renewed or extended all of our large contracts, also having been awarded new ones such as the ESPO and Police DPS Frameworks.


Driving our people agenda and flexible working

No one could predict mid-2019, as we approved a project to drive flexible working, reduce office space and create a new working culture, that this will be a global standard by the time we reached the end of 2020.

Our “Re-inventing the work” program has meant a full new definition of the office environment, focusing on collaboration and flexible working, the day to day rules of engagement both internal and external and our office space. Read more about our experience here.




What a year on LinkedIn!

Our LinkedIn community has grown by 50% this year, something we are immensely proud of.

Back in May, when we reached 10,000 followers, we made a pledge to our community that everything we post will be relevant, that we would share our knowledge and experiences and that we would engage with and listen to our followers.

These are values that we continue to honour and we hope you’ve found value in the information and knowledge that we’ve shared. Here are some of our most popular posts from this year:

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