SmartMATE Quality

High-quality translations are an absolute priority for any project, and our translation ecosystem has been very much designed with this in mind.

We have established automated Quality Assurance (QA) checks, integrated validation tools, and source checks to make sure your translation is of the highest possible quality.


Quality checks

Our SmartMATE Quality checker is a productivity tool which measures the quality of your source file quickly and easily. Often, translation quality complaints arise due to inconsistencies in the source text itself, so the Quality checker is used prior to processing the files.

A report is then produced which summarises any areas that may need addressing, such as spelling mistakes, line breaks or unmatched brackets, and then colour codes these areas for ease of reference. By highlighting any areas for improvement on the text prior to the start of a project, we’re able to produce a better quality translation, with fewer complications.

SmartMATE Quality checker


Terminology management

An important part of improving translation quality is managing the linguistic assets, and using tools that will help to keep terminology consistent, up-to-date and on brand.

Tools such as Translation Memory (TM), glossaries and client style guides all help to keep quality consistent across projects, whilst also saving costs and escalating turn-around times.

Terminology management


Client review workflow

Ensuring your translations are of the best possible quality is at the heart of everything we do. But the people who understand your content most are your employees, your stakeholders and your customers.

To this effect, we have developed an automated workflow which allows your own selected stakeholders to review your content prior to publication.

Client review workflow


Resource profiling

When quality is key, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Smart sourcing is a tool which ensures the best possible linguists are assigned to your translation jobs.

Smart sourcing


Integrated validation tools

Language assets such as style guides, glossaries and translation memories can all be integrated into the localisation workflow to enhance the quality of your translations. Not only do these tools improve the quality of your projects, but they also save you time and money.

Integrated validation tools

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