Public sector language services

public sector services

Professional language services can help you and your organisation to communicate with those who speak other languages across a wide range of situations.

Which language services can you procure?

  • Interpreting (face-to-face and telephone)
  • Translation
  • Deaf, Deafblind and British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting (face-to-face and video)
  • Sight impaired translation for blind and visually impaired users
  • Easy Read and other services for users with learning difficulties
  • Transcription
  • Other non-spoken interpreting, including palantype (speech-to-text), International Sign, Lipread and Lipspeak

Organisations we work with

“The service we receive is excellent! Everyone at Capita TI is helpful and they are in contact with us all the time. The staff are very supportive and reliable, and feedback from Kent staff has been extremely positive.”

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

“Capita TI enables us to effectively undertake our work by increasing the number of people accessing and receiving our services in Salford’’.

Salford City Council and Clinical Commissioning Group

How to procure language services

We are on a number of procurement frameworks, available to a number of public sector organisations, including:

  • National Health Service and Health and Social Care
  • Central government departments and agencies
  • Local government organisations
  • Police and emergency services
  • Registered charities

Public sector frameworks

We’re listed on a number of high profile frameworks, such as ESPO and CCS, which offer a fast, easy and competitive route to procure language services. Find out more.

Login to the Customer Portal

This platform is available to all of our existing public sector clients. Here you can place and monitor interpreter bookings, view interpreter details, and track key information for reporting. Login.

Providing a high quality, efficient service

Our interpreters require a wide range of skills and abilities to meet the various requirements of our diverse range of clients. Linguists will be assigned to your jobs based on different criteria, such as whether they might be working within a healthcare environment, legal situation or with informal community groups.