Promoting language learning in the local community

On Thursday 23rd June, we visited Oldham Sixth Form College to present to students studying French, German or Spanish, about the multitude of career options available in the language industry.

The presentation included information about the varying sectors and careers, in which students can apply their practical language skills; how students can become qualified translators and interpreters; and the in-house departments within a Language Service Provider such as; Project Management, Marketing, and Account Management, and the roles languages play within them.

Language learning skills

Often, many students don’t pursue language learning at higher education as there is a common misconception that language learning is for the privileged few, and leads to limited career options – which couldn’t be further from the truth! We find that this causes the number of students continuing their language studies after GCSE level to plummet. Our internship programme and local college initiatives help to banish these perceptions, and inform language students on the next potential steps in their career.

Language skills help to broaden cultural awareness and demonstrate various essential abilities such as communication, creativity and critical thinking.

All of these skills expand career potentials dramatically, providing a competitive edge when compared to other candidates.

What Oldham Sixth Form College said

“Fiona came to the college to explain what it is like working in the language industry. It was an extremely informative talk with lots of time devoted to questions. The highlight being when those students interested in this area were offered short placements in coming months working in the translation and interpreting environment to gain invaluable experience.” – Gemma Curto Alonso, Spanish teacher, Oldham Sixth Form College.

We are devoted to helping young people recognise the importance of language learning and highlight career opportunities by offering practical experience to students who aspire to be part of the translation and interpreting industry.

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