New (school) year, new opportunities

As another school year begins, teachers and students alike are turning their thoughts to the future (after reluctantly packing their school bags again). While students may feel like they have a rough time heading back into lessons, take a moment to feel for the teachers who are hit with evening tasks too: this is Open Evening season.

Why study languages?

As well as getting to work for 7:30, teachers now have to stay until 9pm and after a tough day reigning unruly teenagers back into routine, they then have to come up with ways to sell their subjects.

One of the hardest subject areas to sell is languages.

Usually open evenings for Modern Foreign Languages revolve around foreign food; croissants, churros and sausages (and always cheese). We’ve had previous blogs on the British and languages but to summarise; generally, as a country, we don’t take to them too well. There are many reasons for this but it’s all beside the point.

The real question is: how do we promote something to young people when they’re surrounded by negativity?

We do lots of work to promote the various ways you can go on to use your languages and the skills that come with language learning, including offering internships to language students. Just take a look at our Day in the Life of blog series to see the careers opportunities in our company alone!

Skills gained from language learning

Rather than heading to the MFL department for the free food (we know you do it), why not think about where languages might take you (or your teen) in the future and what could be gained: I’m talking about the bigger picture.

So if you’re an influencer in a teenager’s life at the moment, take some time to appreciate foreign languages and try to encourage something a little different this academic year. A quick internet search will help you to find out more reasons to learn a language, career paths and successful people who have languages up their sleeve (you’d be surprised at some of the names on the list). If you’re really feeling brave, why don’t you learn the language together?


Steph is a Project Manager mostly in the Legal and Financial vertical at Capita TI, having been a Spanish and German teacher at Secondary and Sixth Form level for 5 years. She is also the Service Delivery and File Engineering representative for the Employee Engagement Group. When not at work, she’s usually doing sport.

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