Our new office in India

According to the World Economic Forum, India has ranked 39 out of 139 countries in global competitiveness and has the world’s 3rd biggest market size. As one of the fastest growing BRIC economies which is set to become the world’s 5th largest economy in 2020, we’re thrilled to expand our business presence into one of the most dynamic global markets.

We are proud of our talented and dynamic employees at Capita TI, and our team in our new Pune office in India is no exception. With a few new recruits and some expansions, these developments in our Indian operations have come at exactly the right time.

Our employees and expansions

Our four Pune-based Project Managers and File Engineers have a wealth of experience in the translation industry. As one of the newer “big players” on the local translation scene in India, we are delighted to welcome this skilled team on board to expand their experiences and unlock the very best of their potential.

Our Project Managers split their time between their roles and specialise in the technical, life sciences team and marketing vertical, as well as covering our out of hours operations, this flexibility means that we can cover our 24/7 service in a more consistent fashion, passing on a better quality of service to our clients.

Our File Engineers work closely with their UK counterparts to support Sales and Service Delivery on various file engineering tasks, including preparing files for translation, file analysis, Desktop Publishing (DTP), e-Learning estimation and much, much more.

We have also recruited our first Open Source Software Developer, who will be working alongside our UK based Development team on our in-house interpreting booking and management system.


Meet the team



As a File Engineer, my job is a mixture of handling all translated files and preparing them for final delivery, in the original format in which the client submitted them. I deal with many internal clients and different departments, such as project management, account management and the desktop publishing team.I like challenges, any project or file which comes up with challenges. I enjoy them and find satisfaction in fixing them!

Before coming into Capita TI, I used to work for another Capita business, Capita IT Services, as Technical Support for internal Capita clients. My love for learning and achieving something brought me into the localization industry and I’ve never looked back!

It’s good to see the business growing here in India. As always, we get immense support from our other offices, which help us to go forward. I hope to see many more opportunities coming to India!



prashant - Our new office in India

I’ve been a senior file engineer at Capita TI for a year, but I’ve been in the industry, in a similar role, for 4 years. My job role involves preparing files for translation, file analysis, DTP estimation, post-processing files for final delivery and lot more. I work closely with other file engineering team members in the UK and here in Pune. I enjoy this role as it involves fixing file issues, working with various languages and CAT tools (technology assisted translation).We as a unit, work under the Capita ITPS department in Pune, India. I’ve seen the Capita TI team grow since I joined. I work closely with Project Managers here and discuss and solve any queries on file processing. We all are busy throughout the day but it’s a great environment to work upon.

I see Capita TI as one of the top best companies for localisation, and I envisage the company to grow further in the coming years.



ashwinBW - Our new office in India

After completing my Master’s degree in Operations Management, I went on to work in the localisation industry for 8 years. I speak 6 Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Himachali and Gujarati.I manage localisation projects from beginning to end, working closely with language specialists, localization engineers, terminologists, product management and development, internal business partners and external vendors and other departments.

At Capita TI, everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission, this truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals all revolving around helping the customers. Each project presents unique challenges, in case I am stuck at some point my manager and other colleagues always support me, to make the complex project smoother than expected.

In India, you are likely to encounter two types of companies. The first is a traditional, family-run business, the second being a more modern hi-tech operation working with western business methodology. We have seen the translation business in the city grow into a booming industry, with international companies making a beeline to work with Indian translators. With rapid globalisation, not only do multinational companies need their documents to be translated into different languages but also need translators/ interpreters when dealing with their counterparts in other countries.



SreeBW - Our new office in India

My background involved roles in Project Management, Customer Relationship Management & Team Management Operations in localisation. At Capita TI, I work closely with Production Coordinators, Language Coordinators, Localisation Engineers, media production teams, audio recording studio, Voice-over Artists, internal testing teams, external testing teams, DTP teams and publishing teams.

India has a great business landscape and huge language resource – which is a great formula for localisation and translation.


india - Our new office in India

Doing business in India

India represents a great opportunity for any business wanting to go global – read our blog and infographic for reasons for and tips on doing business in India.

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