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Long gone are the days of Nokia’s infamous, yet simple, game “Snake”. Technology and online games, like the rest of the world, have advanced exponentially and shot into technicolour across the globe. Everything is available at the click of a button (or increasingly ‘tap’ due to the upsurge in mobile devices and touch screens), from anywhere in the world, so surely the multilingual content needs to be there as well?

Snappy game names, quick release cycles and strict regulations mean that professional translation providers need to keep their fingers on the pulse. At Capita TI, we like to make sure that we are able to offer solutions to some of these challenges in the gaming industry, through innovation and the use of smart technology.

Linguist profiling NativeLinguist - Multilingual gaming content

If your content is always translated into the same languages, we can use our SmartMATE Sourcing tool to ensure the best possible linguists are assigned to your translation jobs. These linguists effectively become an extension of your team; they know your brand and have video gaming knowledge, helping you to maintain your brand and tone of voice in multiple languages, as well as ensuring that your multilingual content is as engaging and persuasive as the English content.

What’s more, these linguists are automatically notified when one of your translation jobs enters our translation ecosystem, reducing turnaround times.

The more our linguists work on your jobs, the more familiar they will become with the content and the translations will obviously reflect this.

Optimising searchAnalyse - Multilingual gaming content

Keyword research and SEO are 2 key areas which have dominated the digital scene in the past decade or so. Given the shift towards mobile and tablet technology, coupled with the fact that around 40% of downloads from app stores are for games, App Store Optimisation (ASO) also needs to be given some consideration during the localisation process.

Studies have shown that app download figures increase by up to 128% when they are available in multiple languages, and future download growth is expected to come from Mexico, India and South-East Asia.

In order to increase the visibility of your game in the app store, our linguists can undertake keyword research in their native language, to ensure that we choose the right keywords for the target language.

Creative translationLanguage-solutions

Transcreation should be incorporated in gaming localisation too – this involves not just translating text directly, but adapting it to the local language and culture in order to achieve the desired impact. In the gaming world, language, names and places are carefully chosen to increase a user’s engagement and this is something that you’ll want to retain across your multilingual content. In the foreign language versions of Monopoly, even aspects as simple as street names are tailored to local cities.

Desktop publishingDTP - Multilingual gaming content

Text expands or contracts during the translation process – this sounds relatively obvious, but what isn’t always obvious is the impact on the finished product. Whilst desktop publishing is usually associated with marketing materials such as brochures, adverts and banners, the theory can also be applied to gaming localisation.

Consider buttons, images, grid layouts and menu bars – their size and placement within the game may need to be altered, in order to accommodate the new language.

Our team of expertsTeam - Multilingual gaming content

We understand that your business requires real-time updates for gamers across the globe, so our team is available 24/7 across different time zones in order to service your requirements. We also have a dedicated team of language solutions specialists who are constantly developing our technologies and creating bespoke processes to find the perfect solution for your business.

Our people, technology and processes allow us to deliver your localised gaming content on time, and within budget, whilst ensuring that it is suitable for your global gaming audience, who are desperate to get their hands on your latest release.


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