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Maan Mati joins Capita TI as Head of Translation & IT and is responsible for several departments, including commercial project management, IT development, business support and quality control. With 28 years’ experience in the localisation industry, Maan has trained, mentored and managed a vast array of teams and has held numerous senior management positions, helping businesses to become more successful.

Why did you join Capita TI?

I believe that Capita is one of the most progressive, technologically advanced and resourceful companies in the market, offering an exciting range of services to many varied commercial and public sector clients.

What’s your background?

I started in the localisation business back in 1989 as a Localisation Test Engineer, moving up to the team lead position, before progressing to Senior Software Localisation Engineer. I then moved to one of the first localisation suppliers, International Translation and Publishing, where I worked alongside Capita TI’s current MD, Antonio Tejada.

My career has taken me to Madrid, Dublin and the USA, where I’ve worked for localisation companies, technology companies and software security firms, managing teams, handling large customer accounts and developing localisation solutions & technology.

As well as working in a variety of teams and job roles, I’ve also been able to experience working for large, corporate businesses as well as developing a smaller start-up firm, which I helped to grow to a respected technical localisation company.

My longest held position was for 10 years at a technical authoring and translation provider. I started as a Senior Project Manager when the company was still small, then progressed to Operations Director, managing teams of Technical Authors, Localisation Engineers and Project Managers. During my time there, I helped the company to grow by 10-fold.

What will your main areas of responsibility be at Capita TI?

As the Head of Translation and IT, I am responsible for developing and maintaining our IT systems and services, including part of our SmartMATE technology suite; ensuring effective management and vetting of our translators & suppliers; our translation project management department; and overseeing our quality controls and ISO accreditations.

What would you consider to be your biggest professional success?

I feel that I have achieved ‘success’ in all of my roles, but one of the most significant highlights is being a founding member of a small start-up firm, where I played a major role in setting up and growing the company into a very successful and capable business in a very short period of time.

In my 10 year role at a localisation provider, I helped to grow the company from a small firm to a very efficient, medium size business, which provides complex solutions to the market. During my time at a reputable software security firm, I was responsible for the localisation and release of all consumer products – in one year, we managed to release over 300 products to the global market.

What do you find particularly challenging in this industry?

Keeping up to date with technology is key in the localisation industry.

In a world where neural machine translation and artificial intelligence are dominating the headlines, we need to ensure that we’re using technology to improve 3 fundamental elements: quality, connectivity and productivity.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully still with Capita, perhaps in a more senior role as the business grows.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love sports, mainly football, not playing so much these days but I enjoy keeping up to date.

If you weren’t Head of Translation & IT what would you love to be doing?

When I was younger and still deciding what I should do as a career, I considered being a pilot, but being colour blind put an end to that!

Any funny language stories to share?

Chevrolet decided to launch a new car in South America (a Spanish speaking market) and decided to launch the Spanish version as the “Nova” – in Spanish “No Va” means “doesn’t go”. This is just one of the many examples of the consequence of not using a professional partner to help in a localisation strategy.

Any tips for those starting out on their localisation journey?

Listen, learn, dedicate time and effort, use your initiative and always look for improvements – always consider how a process could be faster, cheaper, more efficient, or better quality.


With 28 years’ experience in the localisation industry, Maan is Head of Translation & IT and is responsible for several departments, including commercial project management, IT development, business support and quality control.

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