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Liam joins our Project Management team, dealing with translation projects, assigning to relevant linguists and liaising with customers. Liam previously worked as a Service Delivery Coordinator in our Interpreting Operations team, handling calls from public sector customers and freelance interpreters. In this blog, Liam talks about his new role, and how his internship within the Finance department helped to prepare him for professional life.

Why did you join Capita?

I had heard of Capita before, but never really understood what it did, given the numerous business units. After Capita TI visited my college through the languages department and gave a presentation on careers in languages, I knew I had to try the localisation industry.

Tell us about your internship

After Capita TI’s visit to my college, I applied for an internship with the company and was given a 2-week placement in the Finance department.

After the initial 2 weeks, I was invited back for a further 3 weeks. This internship gave me a lot of experience and a great insight into the industry.

Why did you want a role in Project Management?

I enjoy seeing something through from start to finish, it is quite rewarding. By being a Project Manager I can get several opportunities a day to do this. I also love that every project will be different to the last, so I have to adapt to the new challenge.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

I’m very lucky, in the fact that once I’m awake – I’m up and out of bed straight away. I love to be active and usually try to fit in some exercise before work, whether it’s running, swimming or going to the gym.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love football, whether it is watching Manchester City, or playing myself at the weekend. I also play golf, but tend only to play during the summer months, when it’s most enjoyable.

Do you speak any other languages?

I do speak Spanish, but it is very rusty at the moment. I haven’t properly studied it in 2 years now, and my visits to Spain are getting less frequent. Something I’d love to pick up again though.

If you weren’t a Project Manager what would you love to be doing?

I’d love to travel, maybe just for a few months – one in each continent maybe? I think it’s great to learn about new cultures and adopt parts of them, something that I always aim to do whilst abroad.

Any funny language or culture stories to share?

Whilst on a school exchange trip to Madrid, my Spanish tutor decided to treat our class to an ice cream. By the time all 20 of us had had our ice creams, it was late and dark outside. When walking out of the ice cream parlour, at around 8pm, it seemed my tutor had just walked her school trip into the middle of what could only be described as the red-light district!

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Project Manager Liam started his career at Capita TI as an intern in the Finance team, before moving into a permanent role in Interpreting Operations and then Project Management.

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