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Grace Elliott joins Capita TI as an Account Executive, within the Account Management team. With a degree in Spanish and Business, and experience of sales & marketing under her belt, she explains why she chose a career in the languages industry.

What’s your background?

I recently graduated from the University of Chester with a degree in Business and Spanish. I began working in Direct Marketing and Sales straight out of university which I really enjoyed.

However, I decided that I wanted to be in a role where I am surrounded by like-minded people who speak another language and who love languages as much as I do; this is what drew me towards the Account Executive role at Capita TI.

I have always envisioned myself in a role like Account Management, and I am sure it is something in which I will grow and succeed in.

Why did you want to work in the language industry?

The main reason why I wanted to work in the language industry is simply because I love languages! I guess this stems from my Spanish teacher at sixth form – she inspired every single student she taught. Throughout my time studying languages, I only ever thought I could be a translator, interpreter or a teacher. The fact that I can work in the language industry but work in a position like Account Executive is a dream for me, I’m excited to get my teeth into my new role!

The fact that I can work in the language industry but work in a position like Account Executive is a dream for me, I’m excited to get my teeth into my new role!

Why did you want a role in Account Management?

I always thought Account Management sounded like an interesting department to work in. I enjoy speaking to people; building relationships is something which I love to do and is key to the growth of the business. Further down the line I am hoping that I will be given the opportunity to travel alongside colleagues and be able to meet new people and experience new cultures.

What do you find particularly challenging in this industry?

As it is my first role in the industry I have a lot to learn, however I love the fact that I am learning new things every single day and each day brings a brand new challenge.

The technical side is very intriguing to me; I need to keep learning a lot about it so I have a better understanding.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Personally, in 10 years I see myself settled with my own family. As long as I am happy and my family and friends are too, that is what matters to me. With regards to work, I hope I am managing a few people and have my own accounts and I get the chance to travel the world. I’m excited to see what the future holds!

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Apart from my alarm clock I must say that it is my goals that get me out of bed, I have lots of things which I want to achieve.

Each day I get out of bed I know I’m one day closer to achieving them, hard work is what equals success. The biggest goal I have at the moment is saving up to buy my own house, knowing I’m closer to that goal each day is exciting!

If you weren’t an Account Executive what would you love to be doing?

There are two things I could potentially be doing; I would either be a teacher or a business owner. I’m thinking more business owner actually!

Who inspires you?

The people who I love inspire me for different reasons. My Grandma is a wonderful lady who inspires me every day; her strength and her positivity are the qualities I admire her for the most – when I’m older I want to be just like her. Another big inspiration of mine is Karren Brady, a lady who succeeded in a very male dominated environment.

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