Meet the team – Sean

Sean Farmer joined the Capita TI marketing team in January as a Graphic Designer. In this blog, we find out more about his role, background and where he gets his creative inspiration from.

What’s your background?

Most recently, I worked as the Graphic Designer for a print company, and I’ve done a fair amount of freelance work on the side as well. I can trace my interest in design back to high school, where I always found the creative subjects and the development of ideas and concepts most captivating – particularly art and design technology.

This led me to continue my studies in art and design and to complete a degree in Graphic Design.

Why did you join Capita?

After having worked for a small, family-run company for the last 4 years, I felt the next career step for me would be to a large company, and what’s better than a leading solution provider with huge global visibility and a strong brand? The opportunity to work on projects that would have visibility across different cultures and countries was a major positive too.

Why did you want a role in marketing?

As a Graphic Designer, I have always been interested in creating functional designs that serve a purpose (as well as looking good!).

The chance to work with an experienced marketing team will give me a chance to develop my understanding of how marketing techniques and principles can improve and complement my design ideas and productivity.

What do you find particularly challenging in this industry?

From a design perspective, creating collateral that is sensitive to cultural issues can be a challenge.

Something as simple as an icon, that may represent something obvious to a British audience, may have a different meaning or no relevance at all in another culture. Gender roles, symbols and gestures can also present problems, as meanings can vary across cultures – it is something I have to be alert to and double check!

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love playing and following football (I’m a Spurs fan!). I’m a big cook and love experimenting with recipes. I really enjoy cooking and can make some mean curries.

I’ve recently been talked into attempting Tough Mudder in the summer, so I can/should now add the gym to my list of hobbies too; the next step will be to up the ante with some running so I can actually finish the 12 mile course!

If you weren’t a Graphic Designer what would you love to be doing?

As I am a creative at heart, I think it would have to be something that has similar processes.

I have been known to dabble with dj-ing and music production (quite poorly) – if I had the time it would be something I’d love to take more seriously. I imagine giving a person joy through something you have created or performed would provide a similar satisfaction to creating a successful design.

Who inspires you?

Being the youngest of 4 siblings means I don’t have to look far for inspiration and advice. I can look up to my sister and two brothers as being a great example of what you can achieve if you work hard and put your heart and mind in to the task at hand.

Any tips for those starting out on their localisation journey?

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the initial jargon and acronyms!

Being new to the localisation industry, it initially felt like everybody was actually speaking another language to me, but it soon began to sink in and can safely say I know the difference between MT, CAT, FIGS, LSP, MLV and the tens of new words I hear on a daily basis! Don’t be afraid to ask what something means to help you understand the different technologies and services on offer; the sheer amount of information on hand is very useful to gain deeper understanding.

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