Meet our new Sales intern – Sebastien

After studying English, Spanish and Russian, Sebastien joined our Sales department on a 6-week Internship programme. Sebastien tells us a little bit about himself and looks back on his experiences during his placement with us.

What is your background?

I’m from a small town in Brittany called La Reine. Before I started in the Sales department here at Capita TI, I had just completed my Bachelor of Languages in English, Spanish and Russian studies in France.

What do you think of Manchester?

I’ve lived in Manchester before when I was studying at the University of Salford in Manchester for my Erasmus exchange programme.

Having come from a really small town in rural France, moving to Manchester was really eye-opening. There are so many big buildings and always so much to do and see. I also found the Mancunian accent really difficult at first! But now I’m used to it. I’m really going to miss Manchester.

How did you hear about Capita TI?

I first heard about Capita TI when I was studying at the University of Salford. Capita TI was the ideal choice for me as I would like to be a linguist after I complete my Master’s degree.

What kind of tasks have you been doing?

I have been undertaking some Sales Support tasks such as data mining, market research, and cold calling to various companies in the UK, Spain and Germany. I also helped the Project Management team by reviewing and proofreading a few French translations for them.

What has been your favourite part about working at Capita TI?

My favourite thing about this placement has been the opportunity to work with many different departments. Working with the Project Management team and the Language Solutions team was really interesting, and gave me the opportunity to discover how the cogs turn inside a translation company. Calling companies in Germany was funny, I don’t speak a word of German and some didn’t speak English, so I had some quite amusing scenarios when I was trying to communicate through the language barrier.

Any challenges you’ve had to overcome whilst working here?

Sales isn’t easy, you have to cold-call many different companies to try to persuade them that our language solutions are right for them.

It takes a lot of skill to confidently convince someone to change their mind and trust someone new.

What valuable skills can you take away from your time working with us?

Working for Capita TI has helped me gain self-confidence skills and has taught me how important it is to work among a team. Lots of different departments are closely linked together, so communication and team-work between colleagues is fundamental.

What’s next for you?

I’m staying in Manchester for a while with the friends I made whilst studying at Salford, then I’m going back to France to start my Master’s in Translation with a speciality in video games and audiovisual translation. In the future, I’d like to be a linguist. I really enjoyed working with the Project Management team, so you never know; I might be back at Capita TI in Manchester very soon!

What advice would you give to other interns starting at Capita TI?

I would say don’t be scared. Everyone here is friendly, eager to help, and the atmosphere is very warm. Just make the most of your time here and enjoy it.

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