Meet our new starter – Martin

Martin Jones joined our Marketing team in February 2016 as User Experience and Web Developer. He tells us about life as a new starter, his love of video games, and his cat Sally.

What’s your background?

I grew up in Manchester with my twin brother Paul. We both shared a passion for video games and technology, which made for a great geeky childhood.

Why did you want a role in User Experience and Web Development?

I have been passionate about Web Design and Development for over 12 years. As painful as it can feel looking back on using tables for layout when creating pages for Netscape Navigator, the “Information Super Highway” was still a new and exciting technology, I sometimes miss the dial up noise but not the speed.

I have never lost this love for the Web and still get excited about good design and new technologies today.

Why did you want to work in the language industry?

The language industry offers new challenges that are difficult to come across in other businesses and goes hand-in-hand with the web industry. You are no longer just testing your design for one language in different browsers and devices, but different languages and cultures on top of that as well.

What do you find particularly challenging in this industry?

As much as web designers and developers can complain about different web browsers and how best a design solution can meet the user and business needs, I believe we get great satisfaction from problem solving and making things work.

The language industry has similar complexities with many different solutions to choose from. Careful consideration needs to be given to each solution to ensure your translation project is a success or it will likely fail –you only have to look at these examples of translation fails to see what I mean..

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to continue to learn and develop myself in a fast paced industry and establish myself as an industry expert. Above all family and friends are really important to me, so as long as I have that and I am still looking young and healthy in another 10 years, I will be very happy.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

My cat Sally, every morning, without fail.

It is not much of a meow either, but more an impatient screech, “ERRRRGHHHHHH!!!” (Sally’s Wakeup Call)

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy keeping up to date with latest trends in the industry and emerging technologies.

I do love my video games as well, at the moment I am mainly playing Hearthstone, a card game that you can play on a variety of devices, so I can don’t feel  as anti-social when playing in the living room!

If you weren’t in UX and Web Development, what would you love to be doing?

I would be a professional video game player, if I had beaten Japanese world champion Street Fighter player Daigo Umehara in 2010, maybe that would have been the start of an illustrious fighting game career… but I didn’t!

Who inspires you?

Ryan Carson is a great inspiration in the Web Design industry, I have read many books and blogs over the years and his have always stood out. His views can sometimes be quite ‘Rock n Roll’ for the Web Design industry and his blog posts are some of my favourites.



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