Manufacturing and Engineering translation – more than just technical documents

When we think about localising content for companies within the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors, the mind automatically goes to technical documentation, CAD drawings and user manuals. Capita TI are experts in these areas, and have refined processes and workflows in place to handle this type of content.

Amongst our solutions are finely tuned Machine Translation engines (used only when appropriate), that have been specifically built for the Manufacturing industry.

Whilst this is a large part of what we do, we shouldn’t forget the abundance of other areas this business sector typically covers:


This can include a wide array of documentation from legal contracts and financial reports to e-Learning courses, which ensure that regulations and processes are being adhered to. If left untranslated, and issues arise in the workplace, this may lead to a plethora of non-compliance investigations.


We understand that training comes in all shapes and sizes and includes presentations, training manuals, e-Learning packages and face-to-face classroom training.

Companies who offer best-practice e-Learning and on-the-job training generate around 26% more revenue per employee, and if this content was translated into their native language, you can only imagine the improvement on that figure.

Health & Safety

This is closely linked to Training & Compliance and is just as important. If employees do not fully understand Health & Safety procedures and guidelines, they can be left free to cause harm to themselves and others around them. Think about fire safety procedures, operating instructions for machinery, and hazard warnings. What would happen if users did not understand the information in these dangerous situations?

Launching new products

When new products are ready to be taken to market, businesses will typically have new content for their product descriptions, website content and marketing brochures. By using Translation Memory software, we can ensure that approved translations are re-used when updates are needed, and across all collateral, which will improve the overall consistency of your translations to ensure we maintain your brand image whilst driving down costs and time to market.

Translating your website content and providing multilingual SEO can help you reach a much wider market; it is a known fact that 87% of people who don’t speak English don’t buy products or services from English websites.


It’s one thing being able to sell your products abroad, but there isn’t much point in doing so if your foreign customers can’t actually use the product itself. You need to consider translating the software in the back-end to ensure that it is as user friendly as possible to those who may have no prior knowledge of English.

Offering this as a service may make your machinery seem more attractive to potential buyers, and help you reach even wider markets once again.

By working in partnership with you, we can ensure your investment in translation gives you the best possible ROI whilst protecting your brand image. Working with all business divisions using a centralised approach provides unlimited advantages; we do not offer a one size fits all approach, so if you would like to know how we can help you achieve your localisation goals, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Alicia is an Account Manager for the Manufacturing and Engineering industries. Outside of work she enjoys the outdoors, running, biking and walking but when she has to stay inside you can find her in the kitchen cooking up a feast or planning her next adventure.

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