Managing Data Risk – Secure MT in an Unsecure World

In the UK, the Government has Cyber Security and the associated risk of data protection and system hacking as a Tier 1 threat to the country. There are only four Tier 1 threats, the others being around international terrorism and war/military conflict (source:

Cyber security and data confidentiality is becoming increasingly important in the world of business, and it affects companies across a range of sectors, particularly those working in banking, legal, military, defense, government and pharmaceuticals. It seems though, that confidential data including patents, personal information, emails, proposals and legal case notes are still being run through unsecure web-based Machine Translation tools. Two hundred million people continue to use Google’s free Machine Translation tool every day (source:

Following a number of recent high-profile cases, there is a now a growing awareness of the importance of information security and the need to protect confidential data. However, this is frequently at odds with the demands of globalisation, which often requires rapid understanding of foreign language content – tempting employees to use free, web-based translation tools in the belief that their content is secure. As a consequence, access to online translation websites is under increased scrutiny by risk-aware organisations, resulting in the potential blocking of non-secure or non-trusted environments.


Well, have you ever wondered what happens to your corporate data when you use free online translation tools?

As part of Capita Group, a recognised leader in secure business services, Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) administers a number of security policies across the business. We enforce network firewalls, secure transmission, device encryption, web restrictions, portable device restrictions and staff training and awareness.

In line with this, Capita TI has created a number of scalable, state-of-the-art Secure Machine Translation solutions that can either be hosted by Capita TI in our secure datacentre, or deployed behind your corporate firewall – ensuring that the needs of both your information security managers and your business people are met. For the Capita TI hosted deployment, we are also able to integrate your MT engines with our fully secure Translation Management System, MultiTRANS Prism.

For customers who require additional peace-of-mind, our engines are also built using the industry leading Moses framework and installed on mature grid computing technology. As part of our service offering, Capita TI can also build and tune both generic and industry-specific machine translation engines in the languages of your choice, ensuring that your engines are fully customised, whilst 100% secure. Our Secure MT solution can now replace free-to-use translation websites.

Your data has never been so important to you and your business, so why risk its loss?

As part of the Localization World Vancouver 2014 conference that took place on October 29-31, Kristine Berry-Trow of Capita TI and Carmen Bickle of Across Systems discussed the importance of data security in their presentation “Safe the Data: Data Security in Linguistic Supply Chain”. You can read more about the event and the presentation here.


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