Localization World, Vancouver

Now that Localization World in Vancouver has come to a close, it’s time to gather my thoughts and look back on what has been a great event.

This is the third Localization World Conference that I have attended, having enjoyed the delights of London and Dublin previously. Loc World, as it has become known, is always an excellent occasion to catch up with old friends from days gone by, meet new colleagues and share our experiences and tales from the localisation industry. It is an amazing event which brings together in excess of 500 people, who all have one passion in common – language!

It never ceases to amaze me how people in our industry are able to speak about their roles with such energy and enthusiasm, despite many of them having been involved in the sector for much longer than I have. And they never grow tired of it….probably because it is a constantly evolving subject matter – language, translation, localisation. What’s next? Well, as an industry, we continue to add new topics to the agenda, and this year we see themes such as content and technology at the top of the programme. For me, this just emphasises the way in which the industry is growing – and due to the convergence era that we are all about to enter – content is continually changing and the demands of the localisation industry that follow this change are keeping us busier than ever. This is why we need three conferences a year!

Following the pre-conference day where I participated in a workshop on digital marketing for LSPs, I attended some interesting sessions, all driven around content.

Firstly, how do we deliver a global message at a local level? The keynote speaker, Mark DeVolder, grabbed everyone’s attention with his take on adapting to change – again, it all ties in very nicely with the new concept of the content life-cycle that is facing our industry. Then there was a fascinating panel discussing the strategic nature of content and communication and how localisation feeds into this. And finally – and the topic that left me with food for thought – was ‘Closing the gap between localization and content.’ This talk highlighted the importance of ensuring that there is a strategy in place for businesses to successfully go global with their content, and it explored the number of important stakeholders who are involved in that strategy across the globe – and the flexibility that is required. It left me thinking about my recent business planning cycle – thoughts of which you can read here in my ‘Failure to Plan’ Blog.

Friday was a special occasion for me personally. For the first time in the main conference I was a Loc World speaker, presenting in the LSP track, alongside Carmen Bickle from Across Systems. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts on security in the localisation process, which I believe to be truly underestimated in the industry. It’s one thing attending an event, but actively participating in the content being generated for discussion was really exciting. If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about our presentation topic, you can read about it here.

I’m already looking forward to Loc World 2015, and I really hope the important topic of security will start to feature more and more at these events.

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