Local students visit Capita TI

On Wednesday the 13th of July, we welcomed several pupils of North Chadderton High School to see the type of work undertaken at Capita TI. Although very involved in promoting language learning in the local community, this was one of the few occasions that students were able to get a more in-depth view of Capita TI as a business.

Led by our Marketing and Implementation Manager, Mandy Davies, the students were taken on a comprehensive tour of the office, and able to see all aspects of business life.

This allowed them to witness a realistic office environment, at a time when most of the students are considering undertaking an apprenticeship or going straight into a business, rather than further education.

A Comprehensive Visit

There are many different aspects that all combine together in any office. In order to provide the students an idea regarding what goes in to a successful company, we organised a series of talks for them. Representatives were chosen from the different departments within Capita TI, and each person explained how the department operated, and then took questions from the students. The departments that were chosen to present include; Translation and Interpreting, Account Management, Project Management, Marketing, File Engineering, and Vendor Management. These departments allowed the students to see the variety of roles within the company, and to give a more comprehensive insight in to the inner workings of a company.

The visit enabled the students to gain more understanding and insight in to the various different job roles.

This enabled students to see that there are many jobs available within the language industry, and that it is able to combine other interests and language skills together, to get the most rewarding job possible.

Capita TI is very grateful to be able to host this kind of event, and to further connect with our local community.

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