Let’s talk about…Industry 4.0

The manufacturing and translation industries are going through similar technological changes. We’re experiencing a 4th revolution.

The 1st revolution was steam & machines, followed by electricity and mass production, and then came computers and process automation. We believe “Translation 4.0” is a similar process, where translation has developed from as far back as 2000 BC, to the modern day, and we’re now seeing a more advanced and efficient translation model.

Machine translation has been used since the 60s, but we’re only just starting to use it to its full potential. We can translate content so much faster now, and the machines can be customised and focused to particular industries, so translating content such as technical materials and manufacturing content has become much more efficient, as similar terms crop up time and time again.

We can help global companies with their translation needs, across a variety of manufacturing industries including automotive, chemical, machinery and construction.

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